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You need a thoughtful gift right now for that outdoor enthusiast on your list. For you, we’ve compiled our list highlighting the best camping gift ideas for them, for any occasion and budget. These useful presents are for both casual and more serious backcountry campers. Of course, budget is a relative term however each of our camping gift ideas are guaranteed to be appreciated.

The title of this article also mentions ideas for camping gifts; choose these or shop around for similar camping presents to the ones we suggest. Of course, adjust your budget higher or lower and use our suggestions to shop around – this article gives you plenty of ideas. Send them into the woods fully prepared!

A an official sign for Holy Ghost Campground, part of Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico.
Consider Our Camping Gift Ideas Before Sending Them Into the Woods.

From the beaches of Baja California, the mountains of New Mexico and the forests of Maine, we’ve spent several decades camping and know exactly what’s needed. Put these essential camping supplies on your gift list and send them out into the wilderness fully prepared.

We even have suggestions for vanlifers in this article; much of our time traveling since 2017 was spent living and camping in our Volkswagen Eurovan. See our separate article featuring more vanlife essentials that make great gifts.

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Useful Camping Gift Ideas for Everyone and Anyone

Many campers have quite similar needs, no matter which style of camping they choose. The following gift ideas suit a wide variety of folks from casual campers to hearty wilderness backpackers on the trail. Outfit that certain person on your list with these useful gifts. Do you know someone who’ll be traveling soon? If so, our article covering travel gifts has something just for them.

A green Stanley camping coffee pot.

An Insulated Camping Coffee Pot

A pot of fresh coffee in the morning is crucial to any camping trip. Keeping it hot is just as important and this Stanley camping coffee pot simply can’t be beat. This sturdy French press-style maker keeps liquids piping hot for up to four hours.

A spice cannister specially designed for camping.

Spice Containers

Let them fill these containers with their own choice of spices for that perfect campfire meal. The GSI Spice Rocket has room for up to six separate herbs and spices; each two-walled cannister (three altogether) fits into the other and neatly packs away as one unit.

A set of four different colored hanging miniature LED tent lanterns.

Miniature Hanging LED Tent Lanterns

An included carabiner makes these perfect for hanging in the tent and offer just the right amount of light. They’re also waterproof, making them handy all around the campsite. Each package includes four battery-powered LED tent lanterns in a variety of colors. This is one of those camping gift ideas for just about anyone on your list.

Mesh food tents like these which keep flies away from food are great camping gift ideas.

A Set of Food Tents

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Even food needs protection from bugs while in the wilderness and these little mesh tents make a great idea for a camping gift. These simple sanity-savers make flies and other insects buzz off while folks enjoy a meal around the campfire.

A waterproof dry bag commonly used while out hiking or camping in the elements.

A Waterproof Dry Bag

Being out in the elements with valuable and delicate things makes having a waterproof gear bag important – these are the types of camping gift ideas they’ll be happy you thought of. This affordable dry bag saves the day in a pinch at the campground, on the trail or out on the water.

A string of lantern-shaped lights meant to be a decorative novelty gift for campers.

Battery-Powered Decorative Camping Lights

Some people love decorating their campsite; these battery-powered lights were made just for such folks. They’ll love the warm glow given off by this novelty string of lantern-shaped lights. Get them the perfect gift for adding a bit of ambience and style to any camping trip.

A small wireless camping fan designed to be used in tents makes for one of the simplest camping gift ideas for anyone.

A Special Camping Fan for Tents

Tents get stuffy and this fan easily takes care of that problem. It also serves double-duty by providing powerful LED light in the tent as well. Useful gadgets like this make great gift ideas for all kinds of campers – consider getting them several of these to keep around the campsite.

Looking down into a valley at a national park with snowy mountains beyond.

A Pass to Over 2,000 Federal Parks and Lands

Give that camper on your gift list free access to to over 2,000 U.S. Federal recreational areas, including national parks. They’ll also get free access to day-use areas. This doesn’t provide free camping on federal lands but in many cases those fees are reduced for passholders – see here for more details. This is one of the most thoughtful camping gift ideas on our list.

A cutting board shaped like a vintage tow-behind camper.

A Proper Camping Cutting Board

When just any old slab of wood won’t do, give them this bamboo vintage camper cutting board for slicing and dicing. That next campfire meal will instantly be brought to the next level with this gift. The hip camper or vanlifer on your list will likely use this as a charcuterie board – go on and indulge them!

A small, black handheld carrying case packed with a purple camping towel.

Fast-Dry Camping Towels

From small jobs around the campsite to drying off after a swim, these compact towels are a good idea. These quick-drying towels also come in a variety of sizes; order a few of these practical camping presents and they’ll never go anywhere without them.

A Storage Trunk

This isn’t one of our most obvious camping gift ideas, but it makes a lot of sense. It’s quite simple: Folks need to easily store and stow their camping gear. They can just throw their storage trunk full of supplies into the vehicle and go. It keeps everything neat and tidy at the campsite, too. Simplicity at its very finest!

A complete set of camping dinnerware.

A Camping Dinnerware Set

Give them a complete, all-in-one dinnerware set for their camping cookouts. This classic collection features enough cutlery, cups, plates and bowls for four hungry people. They’re light weight yet sturdy making them perfect for plenty of meals around the campfire.

A combination bug zapper/lantern makes for one of the most useful gifts for campers.

A Combination Bug Zapper/Lantern

Give them a camping gift which serves a dual purpose, like this all-in-one bug zapper/lantern. They’ll want to use the bug zapper all day, however both features come in handy during the evening. They’ll also use this in the tent to get rid of any bugs before going to sleep.

A green smores roasting kit like this is one of the classic camping gift ideas for any occasion.

A S’Mores Roasting Kit

Good camping gift ideas should include a way for them to roast s’mores by the fire. This kit features telescoping forks designed to help expertly roast whatever you put on them. These work great for hot dogs or anything else to roast over the campfire.

A Kooteck brand hammock, one of the most comfortable camping gift ideas.

A Kootek Hammock

That person on your gift list will enjoy relaxing around the campsite in a hammock. Kootek makes a great quality hammock in both double and single sizes (double size shown). Both come with hanging straps and carabiner clips, making set-up quick and easy.

An 11-piece set of assorted cooking utensils designed to be used while camping.

A Utensil Kit for Camp Cooking

Good cooks have everything needed to make a delicious meal and that includes the proper utensils – even while camping. These utensils are kept ready in a handy storage case, perfect for using at the campsite. Don’t leave them scrambling for the right gadgets and get them this gift for their next camping trip.

A pair of multi-use red Coleman camping scissors.

Coleman Camping Scissors

Again, some of the best camping gift ideas involve things which serve double-duty. These 12-in-1 Coleman camp scissors go way beyond that! From a fish scaler to a wrench, this useful item is something your favorite camper really needs, even a specially designed jar opener!

A Jackery portable power station, perfect for use while camping.

A Jackery Portable Power Station

For some folks, roughing it sure can be rough without a reliable supply of electric power. Those people won’t want to be without the Jackery Portable Power Station. Forget big, noisy gas-powered generators and say hello to this silent 7-lb powerhouse!

A Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable couch.

A Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch

Don’t let the silly name of this camping gift fool you: The Chillbo Shwaggins is all about serious comfort and style. When a simple hammock just won’t cut it, campers everywhere are demanding inflatable couches to round out the perfect wilderness experience. Get them one of these and let them know you’ve thought of everything.

A performance hammock with a rain fly and bug netting is a serious gift for backcountry camping enthusiasts.

A Performance Hammock

Certain camping situations call for more serious gear and that’s why we’ve included this multi-use hammock. This is more like a hanging tent instead of a hammock; it features a rainfly and mosquito netting for extreme conditions in the wilderness. It works without the protection of the rainfly and mosquito netting, too.

A hand-held Sawyer brand water filter for camping and hiking.

A Sawyer Mini Filter for Safe Drinking Water

Backcountry campers need to find potable water wherever they go and that often means filtering it for safe consumption. The Sawyer Mini filtration system works in a matter of moments and turns any water supply into something safe for drinking. This camping gift is just as affordable, lightweight and compact as it is essential.

A small, compact first aid kit like this one is a great gift for campers.

A First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to use a first aid kit, but it’s crucial to have everything organized when it is needed. Make sure to give them a simple first aid kit for the minor cuts, scrapes, stings and burns which happen around the campsite. This kit is lightweight and easy to pack for all sorts of outdoor adventures.

A green tote specially designed for carrying firewood and kindling.

A Tote for Carrying Firewood

We’ve spent plenty of time gathering kindling and firewood for our campfires. A sturdy bag for toting their haul back to the campsite makes perfect sense; get them a gift they’ll use in order to build great fires all throughout the day and night.

An orange collapsible camping sink.

A Collapsible Camping Sink

Don’t make them bring everything and the kitchen sink, just this handy collapsible version instead. They can fill this with warm soapy water to wash up after a meal around the campfire. What’s more, this useful basin easily folds down to be stored away when not in use.

A specially designed cooler light is one of the most unique camping gift ideas for anyone.

A Cooler Light

We all know that grabbing the right beer from a cooler at night requires the perfect mix of skill and finesse. Not everyone can do this properly – those folks need a cooler light to show them the way. This simple gadget is a pure life saver around the campsite and complements any cooler, no matter what it’s filled with.

A package containing several rolls of adhesive fly paper.

Fly Paper

Flying insects invade almost every campsite, especially when preparing food. Let ’em come for the cooking, but let ’em stick around for the fly paper. Simply unroll the sticky tape from the tube, hang it up nearby and forget all about pesky flies, gnats and biting insects. This non-toxic, odorless glue really gets the job done.

A man wearing a black thermal long sleeve shirt and a pair of matching pants, one of the coziest camping gift ideas for anyone.

Thermal Wear

From the deserts of Baja California to the forests of Maine, temperatures drop significantly at night. Layering-up while sitting around the campfire or sleeping is critical to comfort so don’t let them go without a good set of thermal wear. Give the gift that’ll keep them warm and cozy no matter where they go.

An inflatable sleeping pad commonly used for camping.

A Sleeping Pad

Having to sleep on the ground makes a simple sleeping pad a great gift for campers. Look for a model that’s compact and inflates quickly and easily. We suggest this one with a built-in foot pump; it fully inflates in 30 seconds. Keep them off the cold ground with a sleeping pad and they’ll wake up refreshed for that next adventure.

A clear plastic collapsible water container, one of the simplest camping gift ideas.

A Collapsible Water Container

Whether potable water is brought to a campground or it’s provided on-site, a collapsible container makes perfect sense. An attached spigot makes dispensing the water neat and easy. Simply fold this up and pack the water container away when it’s empty.

The classic Mexican blanket.

A Mexican Blanket

You’ll likely recognize these blankets; they’re used by many people for a variety of things. Mexican blankets are also handy around the campground, so consider one of these as a gift. From a picnic blanket to wrapping up in order to keep warm, a Mexican blanket will become a camping gift they’ll use over and over.

A black Leatherman pocket tool with all of its various tools on display.

A Leatherman Supertool

We promise this handy pocket tool will get used beyond occasional camping trips! I’ve had mine for over 25 years and it still goes with me just about everywhere. Naturally, the Leatherman really comes in handy around the campground for all sorts of things as well so consider a gift they’ll have for life.

A compact set of various cookware items such as pots, pans and utensils suitable for a camping trip.

A Camping Cookware Kit

Some of the best camping gifts involve food preparation and cooking; this is fun and easy with the proper equipment. A self-contained kit like this features plenty of options for making a meal in minutes. A breakfast of eggs, bacon and potatoes? How about soups, stews, rice or pasta for dinner?

A Coleman Brazos sleeping bag, one of the more popular models used by campers.

A Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

We both used this sleeping bag for several years in some pretty cold temperatures. The Coleman Brazos was the best for our needs, offering great quality for the price and outstanding comfort. Consider getting them a useful, cozy camping gift that’ll be used for years.

A battery operated LED camping lantern.

An LED Lantern

We’ve used both gas and LED lanterns and, in our opinion, the latter holds the advantage. Forget the delicate glass cover and messy fuel and choose a sturdy, battery-powered lantern instead. This adjustable, 1500-lumen lantern is perfect for getting around in the pitch dark.

A Coleman Triton camp stove.

A Coleman Triton Camp Stove

We’ve encountered burn restrictions in western states which permitted gas stoves for use, but not campfires. In this case having a Coleman Triton means the difference between cooking or not. Weekend campers need to bring along something like this no matter where they go.

A small container of Tiger Balm medicated rub.

Tiger Balm as a Mosquito Repellant

We’ve found Tiger Balm to be a good mosquito repellant – it smells quite good, too. This also represents a less-chemically alternative to DEET, which is also very effective (see below). A little Tiger Balm goes a long way in keeping a variety of biting insects at bay.

A sturdy, black plastic Coleman cooler.

A Sturdy Coleman Cooler

Keeping food and drinks cold at the campground for several days is easy with this Coleman cooler. This rugged model stands up to quite a beating – perfect for the great outdoors. As always, the best results are achieved with a combination of both cube and block ice.

An orange bottle of Ben's DEET mosquito repellant such as this makes for an essential gift for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ben’s DEET Mosquito Repellant

Let’s face it, nothing works better and longer at repelling mosquitoes and ticks than DEET. We’ve tried many natural alternatives like Tiger Balm – they work as long as you reapply them often. DEET works all day long with just a single application.

A foldable Coleman camping cot.

A Coleman Camping Cot

Let’s face it, sleeping on the ground is not for everyone. Some folks need creature comforts while camping, like a raised mattress that easily folds away while not in use. If you know someone like that, consider the types of camping gifts that’ll surround them in relative comfort and get them a Coleman cot.

A JetBoil camping stove.

A JetBoil Camping Stove

Building a fire suitable for cooking isn’t always possible and that’s why backcountry campers and hikers need a Jetboil camping stove. Even car campers will love being able to boil water in two minutes with this stove – sometimes you need that cup of coffee NOW!

A black Petzel brand headlamp used by campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

A Headlamp

Every camper on your gift list needs a good quality headlamp. Give them the ability to perform tasks in the dark with a simple, hands-free light source. The Tikkina model from Petzel offers a generous 250-lumens with 120 hours of run time on three AAA batteries (included).

A gas-powered portable camp oven

A Camp Oven for Serious Cooks

We all have that serious cook on our gift list – perhaps some of them are campers too? If so, give them the ultimate gift of an oven! They’ll be able to roast and bake an amazing assortment of goodies under the stars. This propane powered oven runs on a 1 lb. to 20 lb. tank and even includes a two-burner stove.

A pair of Smartwool socks with various images of objects related to camping on them such as a wood-splitting axe and a Swiss Army knife.

Smartwool Socks

Few things are worse than clammy cold feet around the campground – this is why we choose to wear Smartwool socks. Whether hiking, walking around town or just relaxing by the campfire, these socks simply cannot be beat for comfort, style and quality. Having said that, these make great gifts for everyone on your list.

 A blue double-walled insulated water bottle.

A Double-Walled Flask for Hot or Cold Liquids

A rugged, vacuum insulated water bottle keeps liquids hot or cold for many hours. We use these for cold water; ice cubes remain frozen in them for about 12 hours and these bottles are completely sweatproof. They’ll have plenty of cool refreshing water to take along on hikes or to enjoy while just sitting around camp.

A Coleman solar shower is a great gift idea for campers.

A Coleman Solar Camping Shower

Just fill this sealed pouch with water, put in the sun for several hours and you’re ready for a hot shower. Roughing it in the wilderness is dirty work, so get them a camping gift that’ll have ’em clean before dinner. This 5-gallon Coleman solar shower provides plenty of warm water.

An OXO brand manual can opener is one of the simplest camping gift ideas for just about anyone.

A Can Opener

In the middle of the woods is the last place you want to be stuck without a simple can opener. They’ll want to keep this OXO manual opener handy to get into all sorts of canned goods. Give them access to easy-to-prepare soups, vegetables and, if they’re from Maine, canned bread!

An Osprey day pack model which makes for a great camping gift idea.

An Osprey Daypack

Active campers need to carry around plenty of things, especially when they hit the trails to go hiking. Osprey day packs will last them for years no matter where it’s needed. This rugged day pack offers plenty of comfort and just the right amount of gear space for days of adventures.

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