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We Drifters are constantly amazed with the surfeit of really decent accommodation deals to be had on the road, and we love pointing these places out. This ongoing post deals with some of the various hotels we have stayed at along the way; much of them fondly recalled. Some of them are best left forgotten!

The above photo is not representative of any particular room, we will just be using it as the “title” photo for this recurring piece simply because we really like it! Photos of the actual hotel/accommodation in question will be featured within the post below.

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Hotel Atlanta, Mexico City

Address: 31, Belisario Dominguez, Mexico City, Mexico.

Telephone: 55 18 12 00

Price: The Hotel Atlanta offers rooms from 250 pesos ($13 U.S.) for a single, to 400 pesos ($21 U.S.) for a quadruple, which is an astounding value in the heart of Mexico City. We always request room #412, with queen bed for 2 people, for 280 pesos ($14.50 U.S.) total. This represents a great choice for budget accommodation in Mexico City. Hostels in the city charge double that amount or more for a dorm.

An Overview

The Hotel Atlanta is a very clean and well-run family style budget hotel choice only several blocks from Mexico City’s famous Zocalo. Due to its location on the corners of Belisario Dominguez and Ignacio Allende, Hotel Atlanta makes a great base for exploring Mexico City’s historic center. Public transportation, along with all the services you may need, are only steps away..

Two hotels on the corner of the street in the evening with glowing neon signs.



Mexico City’s historic center encompasses over 30 square blocks and is full of opulent colonial charm. This is the most atmospheric part of the city, filled with grand cathedrals, government palaces, shops, restaurants, museums and historical landmarks – Hotel Atlanta is certainly in the heart of this action. Some tourists choose to stay in more leafy residential neighborhoods elsewhere in the city, but the center is where everyone visits.

What’s The Deal?

As mentioned, we always request room #412 which is equipped with a queen bed. In addition to a private bathroom with ample hot water the room also features a walk-in closet and a writing desk. Wi-Fi and cable television also are included, making this a great budget hotel in Mexico City. Good natural light and ventilation make the room rather comfortable as well. In this budget range it is often difficult to find a hotel that offers daily housekeeping, however friendly Hotel Atlanta saves the day, every day! In conclusion, you will not find a better deal around.

hotel room desk and mirror.
The Other Office!


The hotel is equipped with an elevator and a very limited food service, which can found on the in-room menu. Do not expect much in the way of cuisine, however. Basic toiletries are also available at the front desk in addition to the sale of soft drinks and beer. Rooms at the Atlanta feature ceiling fans.

Noise Factor

Street noise is a fact of life in Mexico; buses, cars and even bicycles seem to operate on a shocking decibel level. Hotel Atlanta has many rooms facing the street and as a result the cacophony of vehicles can be hard for some to deal with. The hotel also offers many rooms with windows facing a sort of internal courtyard, offering respite from the street noise. Always travel with earplugs.

Resident Pet

While there is indeed a cat behind the front desk, he is not quite a resident. Perussa can be found when his owner is on duty and usually sprawls out in a chair in the dignified way only cats seem to manage. At times he works on other cat-like projects in the lobby while happily accepting adoring attention from guests.

Are You Locked In?/24 Hour Access

While it is not uncommon for hotels in Mexico and Central America to lock their front door at night, Hotel Atlanta keeps their door open at all hours. Nothing is worse than having to sheepishly ring a bell to be let into the lobby by a sleepy proprietor at 10 PM, or earlier. You may not be a party animal, however it is nice knowing your hotel staffs the front desk at all hours and permits guests the freedom they deserve.

At Your Convenience

For your convenience, there is an OXXO shop directly across the street from the lobby. As mentioned, the hotel also sells basic toiletries and snacks. Everything a traveler may need is in the immediate neighborhood and all of the colonial charm of the city is within blocks of the hotel.


The nearest Metro station to Hotel Atlanta is Allende on the blue line, or Linea 2 which is 3 blocks south of and a half block east of the hotel entrance.The lobby door is also 3 blocks south of and 1 long block west to  Bellas Artes Metro station. The Mexico City Metro is a very comprehensive transport network and will bring you anywhere you need.

colorful map off mexico city metro

Various forms of local inter-city buses and the more polished Metrobus system run just outside the north entrance of the lobby. Taxis ply every inch of road in the city; hail one from the lobby if you wish.


Food choices within a 5 minute walk include: tourist restaurants; pastry shops; taco carts; rotisseries; fast food establishments and cantinas serving botanas, or free meals. There is a rather dull grocery store 2 blocks north of the hotel and several chain convenience stores offering only slightly less in variety. There is no need to look very far beyond Hotel Atlanta for food.

Check out “Cantina La Dominica” at the corners of Belisario Dominguez and Republica de Chile. Cantinas like this serve botanas if you purchase 3 drinks. La Dominica is a great place to experience a true Mexican cantina and is just a few blocks from Hotel Atlanta.

People walking in front of the La Dominica cantina in Mexico City.

A plate of ribs and a soup, served as botanas in a cantina in Mexico City.
Round Two of Botanas at “La Dominica”
Two bowls of soup and a plate of two tacos with several bottles of beer, served as botanas in a cantina in Mexico City.
“La Dominica” Botanas

Nearby Sights

All of Mexico City’s historical center is nearby as well as Garibaldi Square and Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Alameda – next to the Palacio – offers a shaded stroll to locals and tourists alike. Check out the interior of the Palacio Postal  – Mexico City’s original post office, for some truly grand design!

very ornate ironwork from the lobby of an old building.
The Palacio Postal

Drifter’s Recommendation

Hotels in Mexico have always astounded us for their value. Hotel Atlanta brings this value to the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world! Budget hotels in Mexico City are not difficult to find but Hotel Atlanta really stands out in value, comfort and service.

Drift On In!

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neon hotel sign.


  1. Donna J Scott

    Hi Jerry and Fiona,
    I thought you were in New ??….. I do remember this motel Atlanta being one of your favorites.
    Enjoyed reading your posts. Great to hear from you…. I was wondering where are the drifters.
    Please keep us posted on your adventures….. keep safe …. love, mom

    • Yeah, Hotel Atlanta is a true gem. Mexico City is such a wonderful place; it helps to have a great hotel to base yourself in when there. As we type this, we are only a few days from entering Baja Mexico, then mainland Mexico after that. Thanks for reading and for your constant support!
      Your Drifters,
      Jerry and Fiona

  2. Kerry Abbott

    Jerry and Fiona,

    So, you have left your house sitting in Utah to begin this years travels. The Hotel Atlanta looks like a fantastic find. Where do you go from Mexico City?
    All the best,
    Kerry and Sean

    • Kerry and Sean,
      It is always good to hear from our friends from the road! Yes, we did leave our sit in Utah; since then we have signed on for 4 more sits in New Mexico, which is where we are at the moment. This post for Hotel Atlanta is a piece that was waiting in the wings from a previous trip to Mexico City. Believe us, we LOVE Mexico City and cannot wait to return, where we will stay at the Hotel Atlanta of course! In fact, we will be returning to Baja Mexico in a few weeks for some more beach camping. We have spent several months here in New Mexico since leaving Utah; look out for a few New Mexico-related posts in the future. We lived here 20 years ago and we find it hard to leave, but OLD Mexico is calling!
      Your Drifters,
      Jerry and Fiona

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