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Following the locals is the best way to really see a place, especially during a quick getaway. Keep that in mind when planning a weekend in Portland, Maine and follow our suggestions for getting away form the tourist trail. Sure, enjoy the popular sights and places to visit, then see how easy it is find local favourites. We lived here for 14 years, so take our knowledge of Portland and see more of this coastal Maine city.

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A Unique Weekend in Portland, Maine

A row of colorfully painted apartment buildings located in a residential area of Portland, Maine.

We’ll reveal the best local parks, neighbourhood restaurants, gourmet markets perfect for picnic supplies, drive-in theatres, quirky shops and insider tips for year-round fun. From getting outdoors or simply grabbing an afternoon pint, we cover a lot of ground so keep on reading. Whether you plan a weekend escape or just a day trip to Portland, Maine our suggestions give a great local perspective of the city.

Getting to Portland, Maine for the Weekend

We’ll assume you already have your own vehicle for your weekend in Portland, Maine. If not, arriving to and moving on from the city is easy. The airport is only minutes from town and the combination bus/train station is even closer. Regular bus connections from Boston mean your weekend in Maine is certainly within reach, even without your own vehicle. We’ll look at those options and more below.

We even include information on getting around Portland, Maine by public transportation. The city has a great network of buses which bring you around the city and beyond. See Getting Around by Bus at the end of this section.

Flying to Portland, Maine

Portland International Jetport (PWM) is located just 3.5 miles from the center of town, making public transport to and from the airport a breeze. Portland’s METRO bus (see below) operates a route to downtown from the Jetport – look for the bus stop directly outside baggage claim. Find more information on the airport route online. More information and links for the METRO are just below.

Approaching the Portland International Jetport on a public access road.
Bd2media, Pwm jetport term, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Speaking of Flying Into Portland…

Car rental at Portland International Jetport is easy; all the major agencies are located just a few steps from the baggage claim area. There’s no need to take a shuttle bus to the rental facility – you can check-in and be on your way in a matter of minutes. 

You’ll find the following car rental agencies located just opposite the baggage claim area:

  • Buses and Trains to Portland, Maine

    The Portland Transportation Center handles trains and buses to and from the city to Boston’s South Station. In addition, bus service from Portland Transportation Center includes routes to Boston’s Logan International Airport, New York City, New Hampshire and Bangor, Maine.

    Note: All bus routes to and from Portland Transportation Center are operated by the same carrier, Concord Coach Lines. Discount carrier Megabus offers routes to Boston, operated by Concord Coach Lines – check the Megabus website for more information. Trains to Boston are aboard the Amtrak Downeaster.

    A row of Victorian brick brick buildings in the Old Port District of Portland, Maine.
    Ready for Your Portland, Maine Getaway?

    Getting Around by Bus

    The Greater Portland METRO operates multiple routes within the city and to a select few surrounding suburbs; getting around town during your visit couldn’t be easier. Get more information regarding METRO fares and schedules online and take the bus during your next visit.

    Eating & Drinking in Portland, Maine

    The denizens here certainly have their favorite bars and restaurants; follow one during your trip to Portland, Maine and and see where they go. The well-known tourist spots for eating and drinking are great but the neighbourhood establishments are even better! Step away from the downtown peninsula during your visit and check out of some these charming neigbourhoods yourself.

    The Bayou Kitchen

    Where: 543 Deering Ave. in  Portland’s Woodfords Corner Neighborhood.


        • 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday and Monday
        • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Sunday
        • Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

    Telephone:  (207) 774-4935

    Website: www.thebayoukitchenmaine.com 

    Looking for one of the best breakfasts in Portland, Maine? Step away from downtown and head to the Woodfords Corner neighborhood in search of true flavour. The Bayou Kitchen occupies an old building in a confidently cool, up-and-coming part of town. This is the original Cajun restaurant in Portland and a true local favorite. 

    Get here early during the weekend because this place fills up quick. The Bayou Kitchen menu features serious Cajun flavor and specialties that’ll pleasantly pep up your morning. For example, order the andouille sausage or tender crawfish tail meat to jazz up your omelette. Keep the heat going with a piece of jalapeño & cheddar cornbread.

    A colorful shopfront of The Bayou Kitchen, a very popular spot for weekend breakfasts in Portland, Maine.
    Photo Courtesy of The Bayou Kitchen

    The Bayou Kitchen menu also features tamer breakfast offerings such as French toast, grits, corned beef hash and some of the best pancakes in Portland. The homies (home fries) at Bayou Kitchen are legendary! The Mudbug Madness, an omelette featuring crawfish tail meat, definitely comes with a strong Drifter’s Recommendation.

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    • If you have a long weekend in Portland, Maine make sure you check out the best day trips from the city, too.

    Speaking of spice, check out Bayou Kitchen’s wall of hot sauces featuring our favorite Maine-made concoction, Lost Woods Hot Sauce. Bottles are available for purchase; taste a few with breakfast and pick a winner to take home. The devotion to flavor and spice at the Bayou Kitchen comes thorough quite nicely with their fresh, homemade salsa; don’t leave town without trying it! 

    Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

    Where: 1135 Forest Ave. between Portland’s Woodfords Corner and Deering Junction neighbourhoods.

    Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, daily.

    Telephone: (207) 878-3240

    Website: www.susansfishnchips.com

    Get caught up in the fun nautical decor and enjoy a variety of fine fried seafood at Susan’s Fish-n-Chips. Try their famous fried lobster tail on a stick (this is Maine) for something truly unique. The menu at Susan’s Fish-n-Chips even includes fried trout. Simply put, locals have been coming here for over 30 years for some of the best fish and chips and hand cut onion rings in town!

    A plate of fish and chips with a side of coleslaw.
    Photo Courtesy of Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

    The menu goes beyond fish and includes battered and fried calamari, clams, oysters and scallops! Every Monday and Tuesday enjoy Susan’s Fish-n-Chips famous special: two fish burgers for $2.50 all day long! For landlubbers not interested in seafood, Susan’s Fish-n-Chips menu features hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

    Don’t miss Susan’s Fish-n-Chips homemade coleslaw – the best you’ll find anywhere. At $1.99 per tub, Susan’s coleslaw is available to-go if you’re heading to the mountains and lakes during your visit. So pack a picnic for that day trip and bring some coleslaw from Susan’s Fish-n-Chips.

    Where: 540 Forest Ave. in Portland’s Oakdale Neighbourhood.

    Hours: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm, daily.

    Telephone: (207) 772-0300

    Website:  www.greatlostbear.com

    It seems all of Portland loves this neighborhood beer mecca. With over 70 rotating taps featuring microbrews from Maine and beyond, Great Lost Bear offers a pint or flight for any taste. However, the Great Lost Bear keeps it real with $1.99 Schlitz pounders for traditional brew lovers.

    The cozy atmosphere here – neon signs, antique photographs, vintage beer memorabilia and assorted ephemera – certainly makes this one of the best places to go in Portland, Maine to escape the tourists while enjoying a locally-brewed pint.

    A colorful mural painted on the side of The Great Lost Bear, a local weekend favorite in Portland, Maine for food and micro brews on tap.

    The Great Lost Bear has a huge menu filled with uniquely named dishes. For example, try not to laugh as you order the Almighty Cheesus Burger or the Mother and Child Reunion (fried chicken and fried egg), served between two grilled cheese sandwiches!

    The funny-sounding dishes won’t prepare you for the serious portions served here – consider yourself warned. Order some of the best burgers in town and pair them with a microbrew from the almost world-famous Great Lost Bear Beer Menu.

    Vientiane Market

    Where: 157 Noyes St. in Portland’s Oakdale Neighbourhood.


        • 10:30 am – 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday
        • Closed Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 774-7311 or (207) 879-1614

    Website: www.vientianemarket.net

    We lived around the corner from Vientiane Market in Portland’s Oakdale neighborhood. We ate from this tiny corner market often and swear by the food here. It seems all of Portland – firefighters, police, paramedics, local celebrities and politicians –  would certainly agree with us. Don’t let the Asian grocery store appearance fool you – Vientiane Market specializes in delicious, fresh cooked Thai food.

    A plate of Yum Nua salad, a popular Thai food dish.
    Yum Nua!

    Pad Thai is represented well here but try the overlooked Yum Nua instead for a truly light and flavorful dish or the rich Bangkok chicken, cooked in a pineapple curry sauce. In conclusion, Vientiane serves some of the best Thai food in Portland, Maine – according to the locals, anyway. Enjoy your meal at one of the several tables provided or order it for take-away instead.

    NOTE: Vientiane Market uses a star system when taking your order: zero means no spice and five stars is full-spice. Concerned staff will warn you if you opt for anything above three stars!

    The Jewel Box

    Where: 644 Congress St. in downtown Portland, Maine.

    Hours: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am, daily.

    Telephone: (207) 747-5384

    Website: www.jewelboxportlandmaine.com

    Described by some as a speakeasy this intimate cocktail bar does have a sign, you just have to look for it. The subtle signage allows the Jewel Box to hide in plain sight in the Arts District of Downtown Portland. The mystique of locating this wee gem adds to it’s allure.

    Once inside it’s evident the raison d’être of this hipster hideaway is the cocktail menu. You can also grab a beer or a glass of wine here too, but this isn’t your typical bar, so don’t expect an extensive beer and wine list.

    The primary focus here is the unique monthly revolving cocktail menu crafted by the in-house mixologists. Standard spirits are given a makeover, infused with bitters, liqueurs, fresh fruit and juices creating one-of-a-kind concoctions with equally idiosyncratic names. There’s  also a small tapas menu at the Jewel Box if your’re feeling a bit peckish.

    The interior of the Jewel Box Cocktail Lounge.
    Photo Courtesy of Nathaniel Meiklejohn

    Grab a seat at the bar and learn a thing or two about mixing your drinks. Alternatively, head upstairs and cozy up on one of the loveseats for a more intimate ambiance, especially if arriving early in the evening.

    The decor throughout is a mixture of retro chic, offset with vintage glassware and antique accent pieces. From the ceiling hang veils of gossamer, whilst the glow of candlelight suffuses the Jewel Box with the mellow warmth of a welcome retreat. Raise a glass of spirits and feel your spirits rise in this elegant, affable locals favourite.

    Bubba’s Sulky Lounge

    Where: 92 Portland St. between Portland’s Bayside and Parkside neighbourhoods.


        • 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday
        • 8:00 am – 1:00 am, Friday and Saturday

        • 80’s Night every Friday from 8:30 pm – 1:00 am
        •  The Everything Dance Party every Saturday from 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

    Telephone: (207) 828-0549

    Note: Bubba’s Sulky Lounge is cash only!

    Your unique weekend in Portland, Maine isn’t complete without an afternoon beer at Bubba’s Sulky Lounge! Words do no justice describing this cherished local institution. Kooky, bizarre, kitsch, funky, quirky, weird, strange, vintage and dive bar are just a few of the common adjectives used in connection with Bubba’s. This was always a must-visit place we took out-of-town guests to.

    Grab a swivel lounge chair at the bar or one of the booths – that is if you can make it to the bar without being distracted by the life-size dioramas, complete with mannequins and antique fixtures! Bar chairs aren’t the only thing swiveling at Bubba’s; your head will swivel as you marvel at the hundreds of vintage metal lunch boxes strung across the ceiling.

    A mirrored disco ball.

    If you’ve ever wondered How Deep is Your Love for an authentic 70’s light-up dance floor, then You Should Be Dancing at Bubba’s on Friday and Saturday nights. No, the Bee Gees reference is no coincidence here – you really can show off your best Saturday Night Fever moves to the perfectly synchronised, illuminated, pulsating beat of the light-up dance floor. Bubba’s in Portland, Maine is both a trip and a trip down memory lane.

    Downtown Lounge

    Where: 606 Congress St. in downtown Portland, Maine.

    Hours: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am, daily.

    Happy Hour: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, daily.

    Telephone: (207) 773-1363

    Step inside this long narrow bar and enjoy a drink in a down-to-earth, no frills local’s hangout. Seating is limited to sitting at the bar or grabbing a booth along the wall opposite. A blackboard above the booths highlights the day’s menu. Oft described as Portland’s quintessential dive bar, the DTL as it’s affectionately known by locals, is everything a dive bar should be.

    The dim lighting and bordello-red walls create an inviting, cozy respite from life beyond these confines. This spot is absolutely perfect for a pint alone or a place to get together with friends. Located across from the State Theatre and smack-dab in the middle of the Arts District, the Downtown Lounge is conveniently en route of your First Friday Art Walk (see below).

    Downtown Lounge is also renowned locally as Portland’s best happy hour. As the night wears on and your bladder expands, let a trip to the toilets be your gauge on calling it a night! With three or four narrow steps to climb to make it to the loo, this is the ultimate intoxication indicator!

    Two Fat Cats Bakery

    Where: 195 Lancaster St. in Portland’s hip and trendy Bayside Neighbourhood.


        • 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday
        • Closed Sunday and Monday

    Telephone: (207) 347-5144

    Website: www.twofatcatsbakery.com

    Looking for scratch-made cakes and pies during your Portland, Maine getaway? It’s good to succumb to your sweet tooth and Two Fat Cats Bakery is the place to indulge those cravings. This is now your chance to try the official Maine state treat – the whoopie pie. Two Fat Cats is the place for the best homemade cakes and pies in the city so check them out during your next getaway.

    Whoopie Pies on a table at Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland, Maine.
    Whoopie Pies. Photo Courtesy of Two Fat Cats Bakery

    As for our own personal recommendations, you can never go wrong with a chocolate cupcake or a good old reliable chocolate chip cookie. If you need a cake for a special occasion our Drifter’s Recommendation is the Fat Cat Lemon, found under specialty cakes on their website. So deliciously light and lemony, it’s easy to unintentionally scarf-down a few slices in one sitting!

    Standard Baking Co.

    Where: 75 Commercial St. in Portland’s Old Port.


        • 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday
        • 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 773-2112

    Website: www.standardbakingco.com

    Alright, so this is definitely not a hidden gem but it is still a gem. In Summer, queues form out the door during the morning. In Winter, locals reclaim this sweet little bakery for themselves without having to jostle with the out-of-towners.

    The red brick exterior of the Standard Baking Co. in Portland, Maine's Old Port District.

    What’s good here? Everything, but we’ll highlight our favourite bread at Standard Baking Co. – the stirato loaf. Whether you’re going on a picnic or perhaps just fancy some of the best crusty bread around, pick up the stirato and taste it for yourself. Crusty on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside, this is as close to perfection as you’ll get. Standard Baking Co. have mastered the art of real bread making stateside.

    Unique Shopping in Portland, Maine

    Go home with a truly unique reminder of your trip to Portland, Maine or just have fun browsing with the locals. The following suggestions certainly aren’t souvenir shops for tourists. We’ve included very local-orientated shops providing a genuine feel for the city and her inhabitants.

    Strange Maine

    Where: 578 Congress St. in downtown Portland, Maine.


        • 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, daily.

    Phone: (207) 771-9997

    Website: www.kraag.org/strange

    What’s in a name? Everything, in this case! If you’re looking for quirky, bizarre, random, kitsch – and that’s just the decor of this tiny little local curio, then look no further than the aptly-named Strange Maine. Every inch and corner of this downtown shop is full of stuff to keep you engaged.

    An exterior image of the Strange Maine shop with a small red awning out front.
    Photo Courtesy of Brendan Evans

    Action figures from your days of youth hang from the walls and ceiling. A few vintage board games are stacked near a collection of VHS tapes with titles we’d love to forget but simply can’t. Shelves of kooky books and old video game cartridges seem to close in on you as ephemera, outlandish artwork and whimsical drawings drip from every surface.

    Take your time and have a blast browsing this bizarre boutique – we guaranteed something here will make you smile! Although Strange Maine is normal turf for local collectors and aficionados of vintage music and pastimes, you’ll likely walk away with a Pet Rock or a Stretch Armstrong toy accompanying you. Come here and make your trip to Portland, Maine a pleasantly strange one!

    Material Objects

    Where: 500 Congress St. in downtown Portland, Maine.


        • 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday
        • 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 774-1241

    Website: Visit Material Objects on Facebook.

    This little consignment shop sells men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Whether you’re looking for vintage, new or used, Material Objects has you covered during your visit.

    With almost 40 years of business behind them (since 1979), they’ve seen plenty of fashion trends come and go. Like so many things, fashion is cyclical but Material Objects is there to give a new lease of life to wardrobes of yesteryear and yesterday.

    Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, funky throwbacks, everyday wear with a dash of flair, classy ensembles, chic individuality or a cozy cape to keep the cold at bay, Material Objects is your only go-to.

    Hidden among the racks you may find that one-of-a-kind kit that’s been eluding you at the other clothes shops in town. Not only will you find unique, hip, quality threads but you do not need deep pockets to shop here either.

    Portland Architectural Salvage

    Where: 131 Preble St. in Portland’s Bayside Neighbourhood.

    Hours: See website below for current hours.

    Phone: (207) 780-0634

    Website: www.portlandsalvage.com

    Spend hours at Portland Architectural Salvage exploring multiple floors of grand old fixtures, stained glass panels, solid wood doors, fireplace mantles, windows and other assorted house parts.

    This rather unique 20,000 sq. foot antique shop specializes in embracing the quality, character and true craftsmanship of a time gone-by. The atmospheric old showroom, itself located in an old salvaged mattress factory, is well worth your time during your weekend in Portland, Maine.

    Fortunately, this city has a great stock of old homes. Unfortunately, people update (ruin) the soul of these homes. Fortunately, Portland Architectural Salvage insists these old souls live on by providing these cast-off wares to renovators and collectors who agree. 

    Those forgotten fixtures exist here and blend in well among the worn hardwood floors and chunky timber beams of this magical showroom. Portland Architectural Salvage is certainly one of the most unique antique stores in town!

    Portland, Maine Getaways in the Great Outdoors

    Craving some fresh air and a bit of exercise? Your’re never far from urban and wooded hiking trails, all within city limits. Don’t miss an opportunity to keep active when you visit Portland, Maine during any season. Get out there and see for yourself!

    Evergreen Cemetery

    Where: 672 Stevens Ave. in Portland’s Deering Neighbourhood.


        • 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, daily

    Phone: (207) 808-5452

    Website: www.portlandmaine.gov

    A National Historic Landmark, Evergreen Cemetery features over 230 acres of wooded grounds, wetlands, springs and old carriage paths. Modeled after Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts this garden-style cemetery is a rather peaceful place to walk, jog or ride a bike.

    As you enter the cemetery the din of traffic soon disappears and forest quickly surrounds this park-like space. Are you visiting Portland, Maine during winter? Evergreen Cemetery is a great place to snowshoe and cross-country ski. This is also a great place to come for autumn leaf peeping in a sombre, yet oddly appealing location.

    Autumn trees at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine.

    In short, Evergreen Cemetery is one of the best places in Portland, Maine to enjoy spring and autumn foliage. Staying in town but you don’t have a car? Take the Metro from the Pulse station downtown! Routes 9A and 9B drop you directly in front of Evergreen Cemetery.

    Standpipe Park or Sumner Park or Top of the World Park

    Where: North St. between Quebec and Melbourne Streets in Portland’s Munjoy Hill Neighbourhood.

    Looking for the best views of Portland, Maine? This is it! Google Maps shows this vantage point as Top of the World Park, located within Sumner Park. To confuse matters, locals refer to this location as Standpipe Park. Names aside, locals agree this is the best view of the city!

    A view of Portland, Maine from Standpipe Park.

    A simple path leads through this acre-sized park to four wooden benches overlooking downtown, the Back Cove and beyond. Come here for that ultimate Portland selfie, then take a seat to ponder perhaps another weekend trip to Maine soon!

    Biking & Hiking Trails in Portland, Maine

    Website: www.trails.org

    Discover great hiking in Portland, Maine on over 70 miles of wooded and urban trails. These paths offer an astounding variety of sights, terrain, backdrops and skill levels. From Jewell Falls, Portland’s only waterfall, to a harbor walk book-ended by a beach and a lighthouse, these trails are a great resource for locals (and tourists!) all year, so get out and stretch those legs during your stay!

    A sign for Baxter Woods Park in Portland, Maine surrounded by trees and snow.
    Part of Portland Trails

    Looking for bike trails in Portland, Maine? There are plenty of mixed-use paths throughout the city to choose from. If you left your bike at home visit enCYCLEpedia or Gorham Bike and Ski for the best rentals in town.

    Check out the Portland Trails interactive map online or opt for a classic map. Visit the website above to learn more about this nonprofit urban land trust. Get out and enjoy miles of hiking in Portland, Maine and some of the best paved bike trails in the entire state!

    Mackworth Island State Park

    Where: Andrews Ave. Falmouth, Maine. Take US Route 1 north from Portland and follow signs for Mackworth Island – the island is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

    Admission: Adult Maine resident: $3. Adult non-resident: $4. Senior non-resident: $1.

    Website: www.visitmaine.com

    This 100-acre wooded island has a rather dark history surrounding the Governor Baxter School For The Deaf. Today locals stroll the trail around Mackworth Island to take in fine views of Casco Bay and Fort Gorges. Former Maine Governor Percival Baxter once maintained a residence on the island, deeding it to the state in 1943.

    A fairy house against a tree, built from tiny wood planks and stones on Mackworth Island in Maine.
    A Fairy House

    Follow a rather easy, 1.25 mile circuitous footpath around Mackworth Island and enjoy a few quirky sights along the way. For example, Governor Baxter’s pet cemetery is just off the trail, as is a small pine grove where you’ll find the fairy village of Mackworth Island. Above all, don’t leave the island without constructing your own fairy house for these tiny forest dwellers – it’s bad luck if you don’t!

    Oat Nuts Park

    Where: 189 Summit St. Portland, Maine

    Website: www.trails.org

    Although Oat Nuts Breakfast Cereal no longer exists, the result of an odd marketing ploy to sell more boxes of it lives on as a wooded park within the boundaries of Portland. In 1902, Boston-based Liberty Pure Food Co. offered 50 ft. by 20 ft. parcels of land to customers in exchange for 5 cereal box tops and $2 to handle the legal transfer of the lots. Quite the gimmick, indeed!

    Today, a series of rather easy wooded trails pass through this old subdivision of lots which joins and borders the more-impressive Presumpscot River Preserve. The trails, especially those within the preserve fronting the Presumpscot River, will have you questioning whether or not you are still within city boundaries. You are! Come here for the ultimate escape from the city during your stay.

    Deering Oaks Park

    Where: Park and Deering Avenues in Portland’s aptly named Parkside Neighbourhood.

    Website: For more info visit www.portlandmaine.gov

    Designed by the Olmsted Brothers, planners of famous parks throughout the country, Deering Oaks is a peaceful place to relax or take a stroll during you Portland, Maine weekend break. Seasonal activities such as ice skating on the pond, a farmers market (see Farmers Markets below) and a summertime splash pool for the kids make Deering Oaks a focal point for locals year-round.

    Storm the historic castle at Deering Oaks Park; this building once served as a warming hut for ice skaters. Plenty of events and festivals also take place at Deering Oaks Park throughout the entire year.

    Pack a Picnic

    Heading to the islands, lakes or mountains during your visit? Bring a picnic, but only with some of the best gourmet foods around. If your weekend in Portland, Maine includes self-catering then you must check out some of the locally owned grocery stores in town.

    Pat’s Meat Market

    Where: 484 Stevens Ave. in Portland’s Deering Center Neighbourhood.


        • 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday
        • 6:00 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday
        • Closed Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 772-3961

    Website: www.patsmeatmart.com

    Forget about the deli and butcher counter at the grocery store – Pat’s Meat Market has been doing it better since 1917. Everything you need for a picnic, including proper bread for sandwiches, is found in this old-fashioned neighborhood grocery store.

    The deli counter at Pat’s Meat Market has the cheeses and lunch meats you’ll need for perfect picnic. This neighborhood shop is equal parts butcher, deli and green grocers and even features local baked goods and a small wine section – everything you’ll ever need for that picnic!

    A cookout instead of a picnic? Pat’s Meat Market has the best butchers in Portland, Maine and a great selection of steaks, ground beef, sausages, lamb and chicken. From shanks and shoulders to brisket and bacon, Pat’s has the cut you need and their friendly butchers are ready to help.

    The lamb burgers at Pat’s come with a definite Drifter’s Recommendation! By the way, pick up some burger buns from Mainly Grains while you’re here – they are the best you’ll ever have and we know you’ll agree!

    Rosemont Market

    Where: Four locations in Portland and two outside the city – see website below for individual locations and hours.

    Website: www.rosemontmarket.com

    With 6 locations it’s easy to find a Rosemont Market near you before heading out for that picnic. Stock up on local meats and cheeses, produce, breads and other assorted baked goods. Rosemont Market even has that perfect bottle of wine waiting to go in your picnic basket.

    A logo sticker for Rosemont Produce Company in Portland, Maine.

    Rosemont Market has been reminding Portland of the importance of real food since 2005. Since then, locals have been shopping here for thoughtfully sourced groceries in a genuine neighborhood environment.

    Micucci Grocery

    Where: 45 India St. in Portland’s Old Port.


        • 8:00 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday
        • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday
        • Closed Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 775-1854

    Website: www.micuccigrocery.com

    Micucci Grocery stocks the shelves with Italian imported foods at reasonable prices. The deli counter here is loaded with some of the best cheeses and deli meats on the downtown peninsula; try the Cacio de Roma and Bel Paese – the finest Italian cheeses you will find around.

    Micucci Grocery has an extensive wine selection, fresh pastas, sauces, olives and delicious local breads for those picnic sandwiches. Get here early on the weekends to beat the crowds, especially during summer months.

    Farmers Markets

    When & Where:

        • End of April through November: Saturday, 7:00 am – 1:00 pm at Deering Oaks Park (see above).
        • May through November: Wednesday, 7:00 am – 1:00 pm at Monument Square in Downtown Portland
        • December through mid-April: Saturday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at 631 Stephens Ave. in Portland’s Deering Neighbourhood.
        • We’ve included a map of these locations for your convenience.

    Website: www.portlandmainefarmersmarket.org

    Everyone loves farmers markets and locals here get to enjoy them throughout the year! Even the long Maine winters can’t stop the market activity and folks couldn’t be happier. The venues change throughout the year so plan accordingly.

    During winter months the market (mercifully) moves to an indoor location in the Deering neighbourhood. For spring and summer months the market moves to Deering Oaks Park, offering a pleasant outdoor setting in the middle of the city.

    The seasonal Wednesday market on Monument Square, the heart of downtown Portland, offers plenty of atmosphere and local products. Although you can’t cook cauliflower in your hotel room, you can find plenty of local-made foods (hot sauces, honey, jams, etc.) to bring home as a souvenir. Check out the local offerings during your visit!

    Things to Do During Your Weekend Trip to Portland, Maine

    This article is all about tourist sights and normal places many locals enjoy. The best Portland, Maine getaways feature the perfect balance of the two. Below are some lesser-known attractions most visitors either skip or are completely unaware of. 

    See a Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Game

    Where: Hadlock Field, 271 Park Ave. in Portland’s Parkside Neighborhood.

    Season: April through September

    Website: www.milb.com/portland

    Winters here are rough, so the city rejoices when the Sea Dogs, a Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, begin the season in April. If your visit to Portland jives with baseball season, join the fans and have a blast heckling the visiting team. Marvel at the rather diabolical-looking mascot Slugger as he helps fans cheer on the Sea Dogs during the game!

     The entrance to Hadlock Field, a popular spot with out of town visitors on a weekend trip to Portland, Maine.
    Motionhero, Hadlock Field and Slugger, CC BY-SA 3.0

    There is limited Portland Sea Dogs parking near Hadlock Field during games and competition for on-street parking is fierce. Instead, walk to the game from town; Hadlock Field is located just off the downtown peninsula. There are plenty of eating and drinking options near Hadlock Field if stadium food prices leave you aghast, and they will. Check their official schedule online for game times, promotions and giveaways.

    Thompson’s Point

    Where: 10 Thompson’s Point Rd. Portland, Maine

    Telephone: (207) 747-5288

    Website: www.thompsonspointmaine.com

    Thompson’s Point is an innovative and hip year round venue incorporating a variety of revolving events and on-site staples. Get your skates on in winter (or rent theirs) for a visit to their ice rink. You can even thaw out in a heated yurt with a craft beer!

    Catch a summer concert and graze at the multiple local food trucks ready to feed your cravings. Visit one of Time Magazine’s Ten Weirdest Museums in the World (2014) – The International Cryptozoology Museum, where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of Bigfoot and other strange phenomena.

    A green tree with fruit on its limbs.
    Sam Van Aken courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Tree of 40 Fruit – nursery – DSC 0302, CC BY-SA 4.0

    If unique horticulture is your thing then check out the annual Maine Flower Show held here. Thompson’s Point is also home to a horticultural installation like no other; 40 Fruit Plaza contains a grove of fruit trees by Sam Van Aken, a master at the art of grafting. The Tree of 40 Fruit is just that, one tree producing 40 varieties of stone fruits. Optimal times to see the Franken-Fruit-Trees are during Spring flowering and late Summer fruit bearing.

    Thompson’s Point also hosts vintage bazaars, craft shows and a place to paint your own pottery (PYOP) that’s also BYOB (bring your own beer)! Choose between a winery, distillery or brewery for a relaxing drink during your visit. You can even stage your own special event  for a classy or classic wedding reception. For the full spectrum of offerings check out www.thompsonspointmaine.com.

    Bayside Bowl

    Where: 58 Adler St. in Portland’s Bayside Neighborhood.


        • 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Monday through Thursday
        • 12:00 pm – 12:00 am, Friday
        • 11:0000 am – 12:00 am, Saturday
        • 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Sunday

    Telephone: (207) 791-2625


    Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine is more than just a place to knock down pins – this is an entertainment mecca! Local and national music acts play here on Friday and Saturday and many of the shows are free! Bayside Bowl has a full service bar and restaurant among the lanes featuring sides, salads, sandwiches and pizzas – check out their menu.

    Visit The Rooftoop at Bayside Bowl, where a converted vintage Airstream trailer serving tacos takes pride of place at this open-air venue. There’s even a bar up here along with great views of downtown Portland and the Back Cove. Enjoy free movies on The Rooftop at Bayside Bowl during sundown each Wednesday in summer.

    The Rooftop at Bayside Bowl, one of the very popular spots for enjoying a weekend in Portland, Maine.
    Photo Courtesy of Tom Couture www.tomcoutureweddings.com

    What about the bowling lanes? Bayside Bowl features 20 USBC sanctioned ten-pin lanes, available by the hour. Check online for open bowling rates. Visit Bayside Bowl to strike up a good time and enjoy live entertainment, food, drink, movies and great sunset views from The Rooftop.

    You won’t bowl a perfect 300 game but you’ll have fun trying. Bowling in Portland, Maine has never been better than this. To keep the fun going, locals book events at Bayside Bowl ranging from birthday parties to weddings.

    Prides Corner Drive-In Theater

    Where: 651 Bridgton Rd. Westbrook, Maine, approximately 6.7 miles via US-302 West from downtown Portland.

    When: Memorial Day through September

    Telephone: (207) 797-3154

    Website: For details check out their Facebook page

    A hazy view of a drive-in movie theater popular for summer weekend trips in Portland, Maine.

    Saco Drive-In Theater

    Where: 969 Portland Rd. Saco, Maine, approximately 13 miles via I-295 South from downtown Portland

    When: Memorial Day through September

    Telephone: (207) 286-3200

    Website: www.thesacodrivein.com

    Although the two nearest drive-in theaters aren’t technically in the city, they are nearby. Pack a picnic (see above), or stock up on snacks at the concession stand for a night of nostalgia and fun while enjoying your weekend in Portland, Maine.

    Free Outdoor Summer Films

    Where & When: Multiple venues and showtimes – see links below for more details.

    Summers here are short and that’s why locals love watching FREE outdoor movies! In fact, there are multiple venues here showing free films outdoors during warmer months. Congress Square Park in downtown Portland shows all sorts of summer films at dusk on Sunday from June through August, weather permitting. Click on their website at www.portlandsummerfilms.com to learn more.

    In addition to summer films at Congress Square Park you’ll find venues and showtimes throughout the area featuring more free outdoor movies during the glorious summer months. For information on FREE rooftop films at Bayside Bowl (above) check their movie schedule or check out www.mainetoday.com to find where and when your favorite outdoor summer movies are screening.

    Art, Street Art and A Bit of History

    From museums, galleries, murals and even an old Eastern Bloc relic, the city is full of interesting works both new and old. So take a stroll down a side street during your visit and be on the lookout for assorted urban art installations throughout Portland, Maine.

    Portland Museum of Art

    Where: 7 Congress Square in Downtown Portland

    Hours: See website below for current hours

    Telephone: (207) 775-6148

    Website: www.portlandmuseum.org

    Explore the Portland Museum of Art collection or check out the current visiting exhibit. Don’t miss the historic McLellan House and its collection. The McLellen House, a National Historic Landmark, is accessed from the museum through a rear annex.

    The exterior facade of the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine.
    Rennboot, Portland Museum of Arts, CC BY 3.0

    Pay $15 admission per adult or visit on Friday evening. The Portland Museum of Art offers “Free on Friday Evenings” from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Do you know what’s wonderful about this? It is free for everyone, not just residents as is often the case with museums. The Portland Museum of Art is also home to a cinema dedicated to art house films. For screenings and more information visit their cinema page.

    First Friday Art Walk

    Where: Downtown throughout the Portland Arts District, located on Upper Congress St.

    When: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm on the first Friday of each month.

    Website: www.creativeportland.com

    Added Bonus: Portland’s METRO bus service is free on all downtown routes from 4:00 pm only during First Friday Art Walk.

    Art galleries, artists studios and other artistic enterprises in Downtown Portland open their doors for a free meet and greet during the First Friday Art Walk. Chat with the artists, sometimes over a complimentary glass of wine, and find out if Portland is their muse. 

    Local Street Art

    Where: Throughout the city! Simply take a walk around during your trip to Portland, Maine and be on the lookout for plenty of urban art. Like most urban centres these days, Portland has its own home-grown talent of street/graffiti artists. Throughout the city are murals reflecting everything from life on the waterfront to other assorted abstract oddities.

    A graffiti wall featuring the Incredible Hulk in Portland, Maine.
    Graffiti Wall Along the Eastern Promenade Trail

    Since 2001 the graffiti wall has been one of the rare legal sites in town to showcase local talent. This 100 ft. wall on the Eastern Promenade near the Portland Wastewater Treatment Plant displays scrawled amateur tags alongside larger, exceptional pieces. Typical of graffiti, there are no permanent residencies on the wall here. As a result, the life span of each work is dictated by the next artists need for a fresh “canvas”!

    Where: Long Wharf in Portland’s Old Port.

    No matter how desperately you try to stray from the tourist path, you will find yourself strolling along Commercial Street on the waterfront during you visit – we guarantee it. This is a tourist draw and a true working waterfront, as real and local as you’ll find anywhere in the city.

    Two sections of the Berlin wall with old graffiti on display in the Old Port in Portland, Maine.
    Paul VanDerWerf from Brunswick, Maine, USA, Berlin Wall Segments (7957482486), CC BY 2.0

    On Long Wharf near the iconic DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant are three concrete slabs from the Berlin Wall. Oddly, these rather historical pieces of masonry are often overlooked by locals and visitors enjoying a weekend in Portland, Maine.

    Casco Bay Ferries

    Where: 56 Commercial St. in Portland’s Old Port.

    Telephone: (207) 774-7871

    Website: www.cascobaylines.com

    An iconic sight of Portland’s waterfront are the Casco Bay ferries which shuttle passengers from the mainland to nearby islands. One of the best ways to enjoy a weekend in Portland, Maine is to hop on one of those ferries. There are multiple options for a Casco Bay cruise to choose from. Some of these are narrated, stay-aboard cruises and others offer a chance to explore the islands for a few hours.

    Your Drifter’s Recommendation for a great Casco Bay cruise is the Bailey Island Run – one of the best boat rides in Portland, Maine. This is a lengthy cruise of just under six hours and is seasonal from late June through early September. Pack a picnic and refreshments (see tips below), allow plenty of time and enjoy a day on the water. 

    Within Casco Bay the islands are collectively known as the Calendar Islands as a result of a historical observation implying it’s possible to visit a different one each day of the year. In reality this lovely little myth has been debunked; apparently there are significantly less islands but no-one agrees on exactly how many there are. Who’s counting anyway?

    Two yellow and white ferry boats waiting for passengers at the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal, one the more popular ways to enjoy a weekend trip to Portland, Maine.
    A Weekend in Portland, Maine on Casco Bay

    In reality this lovely little myth has been debunked; apparently there are significantly less islands but no-one agrees on exactly how many there are. Who’s counting anyway? One thing you can count on during your Casco Bay cruise is the best view of the Portland skyline from the water.

    Intriguing Fact:

    Casco Bay has frozen in the past. In 1917, five men drove a truck from Great Chebeague Island to Portland and back again across the ice! Read more about this icecapade online. You’re unlikely to encounter that during your weekend in Portland, Maine – we hope!

    Insider Tips

        • You can bring beer or wine for consumption on board during your Casco Bay cruise. We’ve done this many times, however be discreet and don’t ruin this for others by getting trashed. Remember, this isn’t a booze cruise – this nice privilege can be revoked at any time by the company. Consumption of hard liquor on board is prohibited.
        • Bring extra layers of clothing. Even the most glorious summer day on land means a chilly breeze on the waters of Casco Bay.
        • Although the narration is a nice added touch, it can be difficult to decipher; position yourself near the ship’s intercoms in this case.

    Seasonal Portland, Maine Getaway Ideas

    Winters here are cold and snowy but that doesn’t mean your Portland, Maine weekend getaway will be cancelled. Discover where locals go to sled, snowshoe and cross-country ski in the city. In fact, every season has something to offer visitors and we know you’ll agree.

    Tulips at Fessenden Park

    Where: Fessenden Park, located at the intersections Brighton and Deering Avenues in the Oakdale Neighborhood

    When: Mid-May

    Embraced by locals as a sure sign of having turned a seasonal corner, these colourful tulip beds are a welcome sight after a long winter. This unassuming spot simply comes alive during May so make it to this park during that time if you can.

    Pink tulips in a park Tulips, Fessenden Park, one of the weekend attractions in Portland, Maine popular during spring.
    A Spring Weekend in Portland, Maine

    This small triangular space is a perennial favourite and a popular photo op for the latest graduates from the University of Southern Maine, whose campus is scattered around this park in Portland’s Oakdale Neighbourhood.

    Winter Activities at Riverside Golf Course

    Where: 1158 Riverside St. Portland, Maine

    Hours: 24 hours a day/7 days a week during winter months only.

    Admission: FREE!!

    Website: www.riversidegolfcourseme.com

    Do you plan to visit Portland, Maine in winter? If so, celebrate all things cold and snowy at Riverside Golf Course during your stay! This municipal golf course becomes an all-purpose winter playground open to everyone as soon as the snow flies. The entire course is open 24/7, providing free access to sledding hills, cross-country skiing trails, snowshoeing paths, an ice skating rink and acres of fat tire biking trails!

    A snow-covered hill in Maine full sled riders.
    Riverside Golf Course Sledding/Tubing Hill

    Come prepared – there is no equipment rental here. Check out Gorham Bike and Ski for snowshoe rentals or cross-country ski rentals. For even more rental options, check out Eastern Mountain Sports and get ready to have some fun during your visit!

    City crews groom 8 km of trails for both classic and skate cross-country skiing. Put on your snow shoes while stomping around and create your own trail through the golf course. After that, fill your need for speed on the sled riding hills or perfect your triple lutz at the ice rink.

    Porchfest Portland

    When and Where: For information check out the Porchfest Portland Facebook page. This special event happens but once a year.

    Porchfest Portland is a great way to see (and hear) more of the city during your visit. What is it? Porchfest is a music festival which takes place throughout the country in various communities. Held only once a year, Porchfest encourages locals to gather around front porches which act as venues for local musicians. Currently, Porchfest is held in over two dozen communities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    Consider yourself lucky indeed to catch this local event during a weekend getaway in Portland, Maine. Porchfest takes the notion of a block party and adds an extra twist of entertainment for good measure. It’s totally free and everyone is invited!

    Search For the Valentine Bandit 

    When: Valentine’s Day

    Perhaps Portland’s most beloved tradition is that of the Valentine Bandit. For over 40 years this mystery individual has been spreading the love throughout the city, often in the most spectacular and unbelievable ways.

    A red Valentine heart taped to a window at a shop in Portland, Maine.

    Working through the night on the eve of Valentine’s Day, this individual completes what can only be described as a superhuman feat. Not only does the bandit leave a simple heart taped to buildings throughout the city, they also drape and cover Portland landmarks with heart banners.

     Two factors make this once-a-year event even more impressive and intriguing:

        • This is Portland, Maine in winter – cold is an understatement and the Valentine Bandit never misses a beat.
        • In an age of instant information and the celebrity of online exposure (not that kind of exposure!), the Valentine Bandit has retained their anonymity for over 40 years.

    Leaf Peeping In Autumn

    When: Approximately the end of September through mid to late October.

    Leaf peeping in New England is certainly no secret – tourists from across the world come to witness the blaze and variety of color in the fields and mountains. Portland, Maine is no different and you’ll find plenty of spots in the city to experience the showy spectacle. 

    Red and green autumn leaves from a park in Portland, Maine
    Flashy Foliage

    Our favorite place for leaf peeping in Portland is Evergreen Cemetery, featured above in this article. Stroll around the grounds and feel the heat of the colors, made even more vivid when seen against a clear blue sky! Or pick any residential, leafy street to walk down – each has a bright tree waiting to guide you.

    Enjoy the City-Wide Christmas Lights

    Any town can string a few lights around a tree or telephone pole at Christmas and call it good. Winter getaways in Portland, Maine are simply like no other when it comes to decorating trees with Christmas lights as you’ll notice during your visit.

    Blue Christmas lights on some trees at Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine.
    Warm Up to a Winter Weekend Getaway in Portland, Maine

    Portland, Maine in winter sees public squares, parks, buildings, trees and even statues display rather thoughtful arrangements of twinkling lights. You’ll even notice a Dr. Suess-esque theme, evident in the trees around Longfellow Square at the intersection of State St. and Congress St.

    In Conclusion…

    Congratulations for making it this far! This article is a behemoth and we’ve barely scratched the surface of delectable delights of lesser-known attractions in Portland Maine for a weekend getaway. There are so many more local favourites to seek out for yourself.

    We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who contributed photos for this post.

    Pin Me Now!

    Geometric shapes done in spray paint and bright red leaves during autumn with several gravestones in the background.

    A silhouette of a seated statue and and some trees with Christmas lights at Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine.
    A drainage manhole cover with a lobster stencil in Portland, Maine.
    Orange poppy mural painted on a wall in Portland, Maine.



  1. Great post! As a local, you have hit pretty much everything! One update to make – the Great Lost Bear doesn’t give you a beer for the trivia question. They stopped doing it a while ago as it turns out it’s illegal to give away free alcohol. 🙂

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      That’s too bad, however I believe there is a simply way around this pesky law that says you cannot give away free alcohol: The Great Lost Bear pays for each pint that somebody wins! That way, they are not giving away free beer – they’re more or less buying it for the trivia question winners. That would work, yeah?

      Thanks for the update!

      Your Drifters,
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    • Michael,

      We love to hear the enthusiasm you have for Portland! Will you make it back anytime soon? If so, we are happy to have shared a few great places for you to explore.

      Your Drifters,
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  5. This is such a complete and thorough guide, and I’ve always wanted to go back to Maine since we went to Acadia National Park as a kid! This looks like the perfect kind of town to check out a farmers market, and I love finding stores like Strange Maine, so I’d be sure not to miss that!

  6. I have never been to Portland Maine and it looks like a great place to travel to for a long weekend getaway. That sign at The Bayou Kitchen is so fun and I like establishments that are located in old buildings. I’m also a huge Cajun fan so this is definitely a place I would stop by. Love how you gave detailed information about transportation. That really helps out a ton!

    • Candy,

      Portland has become a food destination, no doubt. In fact, the city is 2nd or 3rd per-capita to San Francisco for the number of restaurants to people. So much more than just lobster, although they are good too.

      Your Drifters,
      Jerry and Fiona

  7. I love Portland during my short time here (I even went on honeymoon here back in 2010 during a road trip of New England). What I loved the most was the lobsters…totally lush and melted in my mouth. Love the locals here, very friendly. I remember that more than exploring the town! 😀

    • Danik,

      There is a famous marathon called Beach to Beacon you would love! There may even be a lobster waiting for you at the finish line! Happy you had such a great time there.

      Your Drifters,
      Jerry and Fiona

  8. We’ve never been to Portland, but would love to visit someday. We usually prefer to go to less touristy places when we travel, and discover spots where locals go to, so this post is perfect! We will certainly head to the local market, but also visit the Evergreen Cemetery, since it looks like there are several beautiful funerary monuments and sculptures!

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    • Kristen!

      Yes, Portland, Maine is a special place indeed and we were so lucky to enjoy it along with yourself, Rock and Marley!

      Our adventure continues – we have put over 30,000 miles on the VW, having been to the Baja Peninsula twice already. We are also doing a lot of house sitting at the moment, meeting great fur-babies and great folks too along the way.

      We miss you guys, too! Thanks for the comment, and take care of each other. Portland ROCKS! – both of them!!

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  14. Charles Foss

    Great posts on Portland Maine! I loved the back alley feel, where real people go to experience life.

    I will be right at home at Evergreen Cemetery, especially after my expiration date. I love the light and the seasons and the spirits.

    When you return to Portland, The Great Lost Bear will still have many growls left for you two at the end of my tab.

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      It’s so good to hear from you! Keep a seat for us at the Great Lost Bear! We really do miss Maine and we hope to return soon one day. Portland was such a great place to be for 14 years.

      Thanks for the great comment, and the great offer for us to order all the Schlitz pounders we want! We hope to see you again, Charlie. You are a great friend to us both.

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