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Good travel blog name ideas are easy to come up with if you follow a few simple tips. Sadly, choosing bad travel blog names is even easier. This post will teach you how to avoid bad names and focus on good ones instead. Doing so means you’re off to a good start – this includes several other factors which I’ll discuss later in this article.

Again, bad travel blog names are too easy to pick and there are a lot of them out there. I’ll identify the bad ideas first, followed by the good ones. Once you learn the pitfalls to avoid, you’ll be able to chase down good suggestions for travel blog names quickly.

A screenshot of a domain name-availability checking tool, useful for coming up with good travel blog name ideas.
This travel blog name idea has already been used.

As you read through this article check if your unique travel blog names are available using this free domain name search tool. Just enter your idea and see if the domain name is taken: green means go and red means no. The best names for travel blogs aren’t all gone yet!

Avoiding Bad Travel Blog Name Ideas

There are many pitfalls to avoid when choosing a travel blog name but these are easy to identify. Some are quite obvious and others are lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike at any moment. Avoid falling into these traps with my suggestions of what to avoid.

Look Before You Leap!

It’s quite easy to unintentionally choose a horrible blog name with a swear word – NOT GOOD! For example, two of you want to start a couple travel blog and two souls hit the road is the name you both agree upon. Sounds good, right? Well… let’s take a closer look at this mess…

A screenshot of a domain name-availability checking tool, useful for coming up with good travel blog name ideas.
This travel blog name idea is available.

If you look in the middle of www.twosoulshittheroad you see the word “shit” and that makes for a shitty name. Also, twosoulshittingtheroad contains “shitting” which is just as bad and possibly even worse. However, both names are available if you really want them…

Souls, or Soles? Travel Blog Names & Homonyms

Again, imagine how seemingly good names for travel blogs can go bad in a hurry. In my shitty example above souls makes perfect sense. Using soles also makes perfectly good sense, especially for travel. Imagine needing to tell people you mean one and not the other. See what I mean? These are both examples of homonyms and homophones and are best avoided at all cost for travel blog names.

Informal Spellin’ of Your Travel Blog Name

The bold headline of this paragraph gives an example of informal spelling: spellin’. These represent horrible name ideas for any website because people may forget, say, ramblin and instead think rambling. Also, avoid ending any plural spellings with the letter z. Using travelerz is tacky and confusing. The best travel blog names have avoided makin’ these mistakez.

Avoid Numbers & Spelling Out Numbers 

My first example of a bad blog name features another bad choice overshadowed by the unfortunate swear word: use of the word two. Imagine verbally sharing the name of your blog two souls hit the road only to constantly say “…that’s t-w-o and NOT the numeric 2.” Ditto for choosing a blog name like 2 souls hit the road. Spelling out numbers or using them in numeric form is cumbersome and confusing. Avoid it.

A jumble of rubber stamps featuring numbers and letters.

Don’t Go Dashing Off

Bad domain names are waiting around every corner… When name ideas for travel blogs are already taken some folks try to get a variation of it by adding dashes. For example, journalofmyjourney.com may belong to someone already, but you can register journal-of-my-journey.com Don’t do this, okay? If you insist on a taken name, skip the use of dashes and instead see domain suffix below for more information.

Too Many Letters and Words in Travel Blog Names

Try not to get carried away by using too many letters and words. For example, www.mytravelblognameideaisthebest.com violates ALL the rules – too many letters (29) and words (8). For words, try to limit these to no more than 5, although less is ideal. How many letters are too many? Do you want your Twitter handle (see below) to match your domain name? If so, 15 is the limit. Beyond that, keep the amount of letters below 18.

Choosing Good Travel Blog Names

Discover exactly how to choose the right name for your travel blog. Take my suggestions, brainstorm your ideas, use a domain checker and make your best travel blog name ideas a reality. Choose wisely but have fun coming up with these names, too.

There are several reasons why travel blog names are important beside just sounding cool or catchy (although that matters, too). The best names flow well, are easy to remember, remain relevant no matter where you travel or for how long, are good for Google searches and should be available on social media handles. I’ll go into greater detail regarding these factors and more.

Start From The Beginning

Likely, you’ve had some ideas for travel blog names in your mind already. Start brainstorming and write more of these ideas down. In fact, that idea you’ve had all along may be a winner! How do you know if your idea is taken? Simple – use the free domain checker tool and punch in the best travel blog name ideas you can think of.

A person sitting down at a desk writing down travel blog name ideas on a piece of paper.
Brainstorm your travel blog name ideas first.

Choose a Domain Suffix for Your Travel Blog

What is a domain suffix? This is simply the .com or .net or .whatever that follows any website address. Try for a .com simply because it’s the standard. If all your ideas for travel blog names are taken and your heart is set on a particular one simply enter .net, .travel or .whatever into the domain checker tool to see if it’s available with another domain suffix. If your dream blog name is taken you have two choices: use dashes (see above) or chose another domain suffix. I urge you to choose the latter.

Who Are You? What Are You?

You’re a traveler, of course. Pick a name that says travel – in a figurative way. How about vacation veterans or go away every day? I like anywhere any road. Here are more travel blog name suggestions:

• flying for a break • flying to get away • jet lag warrior • detour diva • move more often • perusing the planet (or pursuing the planet) • time to transit • on the lam sam • the quest is the best • ramble and scramble • roving the border •

Travel Blog Names For Couples

I presented above a very bad example of a travel blog name for couples: twosoulshittheroad. As our blog name suggests, we know all about two folks traveling. Here are some great travel blog name suggestions for couples:

• the wayfaring duo •  set of sightseers • united navigators • planet posse • cruising comrades • his and her holiday •

• the touring squad • the go away group • passports in a pod • meander together

Most of my travel blog name suggestions are a bit corny. However, my point is to give you examples of how fun it is coming up with your own. Grab a thesaurus and get inspired! Note: None of my of travel blog name ideas, good or bad, were registered as of February 10th, 2019.

Travel Blog Name Ideas That Last

Good travel blog name ideas must remain relevant forever by not confining you to an amount of time or region of the world. For example, i go far away or we go far away are great ideas for travel blog names because they both evoke travel and don’t suggest limitations on time or region.

The opposite of this is my month in bulgaria. This simply means your blog name won’t describe you well to others if you decide to travel for a year or more throughout the world. This simple tip of choosing a lasting travel blog name is very easily overlooked.

Don’t Be Socially Awkward When Picking a Travel Blog Name

I’ve shared travel blog name suggestions to get your creativity juices flowing. However, before you settle on a domain name make sure it’s available on any social media platforms you use or plan on using. To do that visit Namechk.com and use their free search tool. Namechk works similar to other domain checkers but goes a step further by telling you if a domain name is available as a username for social media platforms.

A screenshot of a domain name-availability checking tool, useful for checking how good a travel blog name idea is.

Simply enter your ideas for travel blog names, hit the search icon and Namechk shows the availability of that username for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. In the screenshot above Facebook (bottom left) isn’t available for acoupleofdrifters, but YouTube is.

When using this tool know that Twitter allows a maximum of 15 characters for usernames – you may want to limit your domain name to 15 letters or less in this case. Again, this great tool is free and really easy to use.

You’ve Chosen a Travel Blog Name. Now What?

All those wonderful name ideas for travel blogs will only get you so far. Now you must rent a chunk of internet real estate through a good web hosting provider and you need your blog to look it’s very best with a premium theme.

These two factors alone are crucial to your success after you’ve picked a travel blog name, so choose your web hosting and a premium theme wisely. What exactly is web hosting and what is a premium theme? I’m happy you asked!

A Host of Services & Choices

To get a website you must do business with a hosting provider who leases out space to you on their server. Multiple websites reside together in the server and share its resources; this is know as shared web hosting. That server makes your website available for online viewing to anyone at anytime from anywhere in world. There are thousands of web hosts to choose from and some are better than others.

I spent weeks reading independent reviews of web hosting providers before this travel blog got off the ground. My research luckily led me to one of the best hosting providers on the market: TMDHosting. This web hosting provider isn’t one of the biggest names out there, but it’s no secret their servers are blazing fast and their technical support is legendary.

Perhaps that good technical support is because they’re smaller than corporate-owned Bluehost, who many travel bloggers ultimately choose. I urge you to compare the services TMDHosting offers and choose them instead.

A banner ad for TMDHosting, a great choice for hosting a travel blog.

The Host With The Most

The cost of basic shared web hosting doesn’t vary too much and almost any company will get you started for less than $3 per month. Instead, hosting providers compete against each other with their services by offering clients better support, flexibility, server speed and other resources. TMDHosting provides everything you’ll need to grow your travel blog at a price anyone can afford: only $2.95 per month.A screenshot of the home page for TMDHosting, a great choice for hosting travel blogs.TMDHosting leads the industry in response time for technical support queries. Period. As you set up your travel blog you’ll have questions and even a few minor hiccups along the way. Support from your web host should never take hours or days. Sadly, that happens with many hosting companies. TMDHosting responds within 15 minutes every time and their knowledge and efficiency simply cannot be beat.

Should You Choose a Premium Theme for Your Travel Blog?

Every website uses a theme which dictates how it looks and functions. You can always choose a free theme which means you lose options to pick fonts, customize certain features and so on. Free themes are prone to system bugs and may be unsafe because its code library, or framework, is vulnerable to hackers. Also, any technical support for a free theme is either severely limited or totally non-existent.

Premium themes give you plenty of control over default styles like customizing fonts and their sizes, colors and an entire range of other functions. This simply involves clicking on different options and saving those changes with no need to worry about technical code.

We use a premium theme from WPZOOM and highly recommend them to you. Our theme is called Insight but there are dozens of other great looking premium themes to choose from. All WPZOOM themes are responsive too, meaning your website will automatically adapt to being viewed on a desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone.

A logo for WPZOOM Themes.
WPZOOM themes cost $69 per year which gives you free access to regular theme updates and 24/7 support from their dedicated development team. WPZOOM has some of the cleanest looking premium themes available at a great price with great customer support when you need it. Click on WPZOOM and run a live demo directly from their website before you purchase any of their premium themes.

In Conclusion…

Now you’re ready to recognize good travel blog names from bad ones. Use the free domain checker tools I provided and have fun coming up with ideas. Continue making the correct choices for outstanding web hosting and a good premium theme. Get your travel blog started!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we earn a nominal commission if you click through and purchase a product or service. You may even receive a deep discount on certain products and services as our way of saying thank you.

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  1. Great tips for choosing a blog name. I have had many instances of people choosing blog names similar to mine (using dashes, adding the word “blog” at the end of the name, and dropping the “The” in the front of the name). Luckily, I own the trademark to my blog name, so if need be, I can take legal action.

  2. I did the mistake of using dashes in mine. In the end, it worked out for me, and I recently got Google to recognize it as a brand, according to SEO Minion. 🙂 Would have probably happened faster had I had no dashes and had used a more unique name, but oh well… it was the only one that resonated with me 🙂

  3. So, you have to slog before you blog is that it?

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