We are so glad you asked! Your Drifters have been together for 22 years, and in that time we have slowly learned that staying in one place for too long just ain’t for us. Even before we hitchhiked 6000 miles on our one year journey, we spent many years together drifting from home to home, state to state and job to job; a few years there, 13 years here, 4 months over there.

During our early days we even completed our little family with a pup we named Scraps. He was our little partner for over 14 years, and he saw quite a bit of the country with us.

Our stationary stints have seen us in Boston, Massachusetts; Birmingham, U.K.; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Maine. We have loaded up the van with our belongings on a few occasions, without so much as a job to go to; just a desire to be somewhere else, really.

As crazy and fragmented as that all sounds, each move worked out perfectly in the end. Each time we appeared on the scene we managed to land on our feet and settle in. This was never viewed as long-term travel, though.

Our goal during each move was, as mentioned, to settle in and hope we liked our new part of the world enough to stay… for a bit. We even thought of buying one of them there houses at one point.

Boston, Massachusetts
Birmingham, U.K.
Birmingham, U.K.
Isotopes Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Isotopes Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Seattle, Washington
Our Apartment and Vehicles, Portland, Maine

Our deep need to move – along with our experience of doing just that – naturally led to our choice of walking away from a lifestyle that was keeping us rooted. Carving out a conventional life, no matter where, was just starting to hollow us out, for it was keeping us from what it was we were trying to find: new experiences and places.

There always seemed to be a call to get moving and see more, and we were always ready to answer that call. So our choice to drift long-term was an extension of a life we were already living. Our hope for the future is to continue seeing and experiencing new places for as long as our thirst to travel compels us to.

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