Our first visit to Honduras was on Thanksgiving Day 2011. We flew in for a 10 day visit. While we had a great time and made a great friend named Doris, we were not enamoured with the country. It just seemed to lack something. We visited the mountains and the coast, not quite having time for the Bay Islands. That first trip is filled with great memories, but we just couldn’t seem to feel much for the place.

Aside from our friend Doris, another highlight of that 10 day trip had us soaking in the awesome hot spring river in Azacualpa. Our year-long drift saw us pass through again, heading south as well as returning north, both times only for a very brief spell. So dreamy was that soak in the Azacualpa hot springs a few years prior that we decided to go a bit out of our way on the year-long jaunt just to visit them again.

Aside from seeing Doris again on this year-long trip and the hot springs, we had nothing to keep us hanging around for long. In the town of Gracias we reached a sad milestone; that being our 6 month mark on this year-long trip. Half the trip gone, half the trip left.

We had time to visit the Bay Islands this time around, we just were not that into Honduras. Nothing was going to bring us around. This did not stop us from doing some heavy-duty D.I.Y. drifting on the mainland where we hitched – and hiked –  the Ruta Lenca all the way to the wee village of Belen Gualcho. It was here where we suddenly became the guests of honour at the town hall; drinking coffee with the mayor in his office while he showed us videos of the nearby Parque Nacional Montaña de Celaque. Feeling a bit left out was the police chief, who stopped in and asked us for some impromptu English lessons. These things are never in the guide books!

On our final visit, while returning north, we spent only one night. Just enough time for a baleada and a bed. Honduras became a blip suddenly. When we visit again, we will check out those Bay Islands. Perhaps we will even take a little lookie into the capital Tegucigalpa. If we loved  San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, then “Tegus” may dazzle our eyes. We did pass through Tegus in transit, so at least we can say we saw it.

Our Route

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