We are sad to say we only spent a few days in Costa Rica. Our budget was a very persistent authority figure during this year-long journey and when it spoke out we listened to it. Hotels seemed a bit pricier than what we were comfortable spending and all those eco conscious parks and preserves were $10 to get in. We know we missed some stunning scenery and activities. The winding road is fraught with sacrifices!

Having said all that, we had a blast while we stayed in the capital of San Jose! There were supermarkets that gave out samples of chocolate brioche and red wine to wash it down!! We both fell in love with a corner lunch stand that provided more hilarity and excitement than we ever thought possible. During a walk through town we caught a beautiful sunset from one of the cities loveliest squares. Even when us Drifters find ourselves in the dust due to the cost of a place, we still find the time to somehow enjoy the moment.

Our Route

_____ Route South,   _____ Route North,   _____ Water Route

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