Though here in San Ignacio (Cayo) for just a short stint, it was a memorable one. It started with the sweet little old man on his walker, throwing discounts at us in his bid to have us stay at his David Lynch-esque lodgings. He bore an uncanny resemblance to the dwarf in the red suit from “Twin Peaks” . There were 70’s mirrored walls and a single bed, and that was just the lobby! The rooms had that 70’s arched shaped stippling on the walls, but the price was right, for Belize.

Beyond eating, our biggest excursion in Belize was our visit to Xunantunich, a Mayan archaeological site 7 miles from San Ignacio. We took the bus to San Jose Succotz, from where you cross the Mopan river on a hand-crank “powered” ferry. It looked like a floating covered-bridge and indeed if they just attached a few feet more on either end it could have been a covered-bridge! The site is not terribly big but was well worth the visit. We climbed “El Castillo”, 130 ft above the jungle floor (Belize’s second tallest structure) and took in the beautiful views.

“Mincho’s Fast Food” became a favourite go-to for quick fixes of salbutes, burritos and fresh lime juice worth the wait; it’s a very popular local’s spot. Difficult as it may be to believe but the weather was somewhat overcast and drizzly during our few days here so it was a good excuse to just chill and graze. Sometimes it just does a body good to loll about and watch a “rockumentary” about the fading glory of “Guns n’ Roses” whilst one chows down on cowfoot soup and stew chicken along with the divine obligatory rice and beans, procured from the old guy with his “Igloo” cooler across the street.

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