Photos From the Cutting Room Floor

It’s The Little Things…

There follows a list of “The Little Things”, i.e. those things we tend to take for granted, but when you’re travelling long-term, take on a whole new meaning.

  • Getting a room with a window – natural daylight
  • A window that opens – fresh air
  • The trifecta, a window with a bug screen – without holes
  • Being given a towel each upon check-in
  • No mystery stains, gobs or chunks of projectile bodily fluids decorating the walls or bed-clothes
  • Having time, personal space to sniff & select deodorant. It’s kept under lock & key, security/shop assistant stands over you as you choose
  • Instant coffee and toothpaste are also kept under lock and key
  • The thrill of finding a packet of salt n’ vinegar crisps in Mexico City & Merida
  • Having your order taken at a restaurant literally as soon as you are seated, then…
  • Asking for dos minutos, por favor (two minutes, please) to look at the menu, and being brought dos menudos (two bowls of tripe soup), then…
  • Having to hunt down staff for the bill at the end of the meal
  • Having to pay to use most public restrooms
  • Knowing the reception desk at your hotel will not turn into a late night impromptu tattoo “parlour” (Hello, Campeche!)
  • Not seeing someone washing their bare feet with a hose in the kitchen of the restaurant where you are currently eating. Yep, seen it!
  • Not finding a large incisor tooth in your bowl of soup. Yep, found it!

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  1. Michelle Rivas

    Hi I’m so excited about your blog. I wish i was there with you on all of your journeys.

    • Hello Michelle,
      Thanks for your support. We hope you continue to follow our travel blog. We’ve got our sights set on some big adventures in the not too distant future here. We can’t wait to get back out there. Stay tuned!
      Your Drifters,
      Fiona and Jerry

  2. Bob Astey

    You guys are awesome

    • Hey Bob!

      Thanks so much for the support! Fiona and I hope you continue to read our posts.

      We know you are on the road quite a bit yourself, so maybe we will see you out there!

      Your Drifters,
      Jerry and Fiona

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